Grouse Grind Blind

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These youth have inspired me to try the Grouse Grind one day.  I will post this journey as I ascend the mountain myself after finding guides that are willing to go up with me.  Blind active living is all about great friends, volunteers and working together to reach a goal.

Stay tuned!

Click above for a 50 minute video

“On September 10, 2017, nine youth who are blind or partially sighted, each with a sighted guide, challenged themselves physically and mentally to reach the top of Grouse Mountain. The Grinders each had their own reasons for doing The Grind®. Some did it to show doubters they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Others did it to challenge themselves physically and mentally. All invested in their own well-being while creating awareness about blindness and the capabilities of youth who are blind or partially sighted.”

Above text, photos and video from Blind Beginnings